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Moab’s Most Experienced Night Photography Tours


Milky Way with North Window, South Window, and Turret Arch in the foreground

I’ve been photographing southern Utah for 3 decades and most specifically, the Moab area. I get out shooting night landscapes week and during all lunar phases and throughout all seasons. It’s why I live in Moab. As a photographer I operate under the assumption that there is a great shot waiting for me anywhere I go if I know how to capture it. I know where the light is good on any given night, and in any weather conditions you’d care to shoot in. Not many people shoot as much as I do in the Moab area at night. I can guarantee you the right spots at the right times for those keepers that will last throughout the ages and serve as reminder for the nights spent under some of the darkest skies on earth and in one of the most tranquil landscapes on the planet.

My fascination with photography began at age 8 when we made a pinhole camera out of an oatmeal container with the Cub Scouts. By age 10 I was operating a video camera and mixer for my elementary school and local public televison news station. In high school, I was photographing for the school paper and continued in through different universities where I studied advanced photography, did work for the student newspaper and was also head laboratory technician in charge of the photography lab. At home, I was printing in my darkroom, rolling films, and the rest Since that time, I’ve had countless professional gigs and jobs such as ski action, newspapers, portraiture and weddings, product photography, and just about anything you can imagine. My work has been used in National Geographic syndicated programs, Hollywood films, and popular television series such as Running Wild with Bear Grylls. All have been means of supporting my addiction to natural light night landscape photography.